Alive and Dying Fast

by Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates

Paint my nails on the bus So my dad won’t cause a fuss Can’t be embarrassed Of what he can’t see I’m a different kid at school Attitude and breaking rules They don’t know What they should do with me But it’s all a silly dream I’m good grades and spelling bees Nobody sees me when I am sad I just wait my turn to speak Disintegration on repeat I guess life ain’t all that bad Writer’s block and ginger ale I’ve created my own hell Everyone thinks that I’m a fake But I’m growing out my hair I’m an artist man I swear I’m just waiting on my break But it’s a harsh reality What if it never comes for me? My inspiration down the sink But I can’t wallow in defeat Disintegration on repeat Today I’m getting some new ink
Manic 04:18
Where did all my time go? I threw it down some hole Where I can never get it back Or regain my control You told me to listen You know I never could Another rushed decision And I’m up to no good But wait Yeah wait You gotta stop all this goddamn running around Can’t see the sun if you’re always looking down And I gotta try to love myself A little better this year But I’m still me I chase my vitamins with beer Now watch me go Where did all my money go? I burnt it at both ends All this fucking work And I got nothing to show You told me to calm down You know I never could Another manic weekend And I’m up to no good
Gas station coffee Beef jerky Anything to fill my tank And keep me moving Get a charge on your phone And check the weather Let’s see what’s coming at us It’s storming in Memphis But we’ll beat it if we book it Enough uppers for the drive My wheels are burning My head is churning Our buddy’s got a new one Put it on, play it loud I hope we see him When we roll through his town You’ve only got four directions So pick a dive bar and hammer down Then get back home But where the hell is home? And I won’t leave Anything to chance You’ve only got four directions So pick a dive bar and hammer down Then get back home But where the hell is home?
Daddy’s pistol ain’t been working Since he’s been working overtime Ain’t gotta put bread on the table Guess it’s time I make her mine Jimmy Black he owes me plenty For the score I fronted him last fall But he swears he ain’t got a penny Let’s see if daddy’s pistol will make him talk I ain’t coming home tonight But I left a letter for Rose Everything I did was for us But I enjoyed it, I suppose I don’t remember when it got so dark Never been one for making plans It’s always easier to react So says Jimmy’s blood on my hands I ain’t coming home tonight But I left a letter for Rose Everything I did was for us But I enjoyed it, I suppose One more phone call One last meal Sodium Thiopental Nothing left to feel Daddy’s pistol is retired now Locked up tight in the evidence room I’m making plans to get out Go tell Rose I will see her soon
I never know how to pray Promises don’t make it go away You bring the fangs I’ll bring the nails You bring the bones I’ll bring the tails Pray to your monument of guilt I never understood just what we built That’s not your body in that box That’s not your spirit on the rocks I didn’t come here looking for hope In a bloody knife or a rope I just want to put up a fight When all the bad shit comes alive Every night Sometimes I wonder when I’ll die A piece of comfort in my eye That’s my hand in the coals That’s the shadow on my soul Spill the blood I’ve got enough to fill you up Spill the blood I’ve got enough to make the cut
Void 03:13
I crushed the summer In the palm of my hand Been a slow runner Outpaced by every man Looking for forever Yeah that’s what I’m hunting down A different kind of lover That might want to hang around And I just want to listen To “Let It Be” Westerberg not McCartney I just need some attitude To sing along to Every night while I shout into the void I caught the winter And I held on too long Mistakes of a beginner Lord how I went wrong I’m looking for a maybe Yeah that’s what I’m hunting now Unbridled and crazy With her hair hanging down
It never lasts This week has kicked me in the ass I don’t know how I can survive This too shall pass I’m alive and dying fast And I just want to be alright I am always running From something that I can’t see You might find me walking In the sunshine But the darkness Has always been a better friend to me They come and go All the pretty ones I know No one ever wants to hang around I’m too fucked up And I love everything too much And all my favorite people are in the ground
Curtain 03:16
Lazy afternoon I miss spending them with you Back before you got so blue And lonesome I was sitting in the same room I could feel it too Wonder how we’d make it through With hearts so broken It ain’t gotta be that way We can find a brighter day Find kind words to say To someone who’s hurting And I guess I’ll do the same Try to navigate the pain Finally get to see Behind the curtain I was there the day They laid your daddy in the ground Old bag of bones don’t make no sound At all I know it hurts when I’m around You put away that wedding gown Sad pretty music pouring down The hall
Black Sky 02:55
Mountain wind it’s moving The direction I’m choosing I wanna go where the sun will shine On that girl of mine River water it’s flowing And my heart is controlling Every noun and verb that I want to say To my baby today She said, “there’s sugar in my coffee Now there’s sugar on your lips. Baby you’re the kind of ghost That I would not mind to miss. I wouldn’t mind to miss.” The campfire is glowing That big moon its showing Gonna light the way so I can see What she’s doing to me The black sky it’s hiding All the love that I’m fighting I want to dive in and sink so deep I’m my baby’s to keep She says, “there’s poison in my whiskey Now there’s poison on your tongue. Baby what’s the point in living If we can’t have a little bit of fun?” A little bit of fun
Wild Card 04:00
Traded in my life inthe holler For making bad decisions with a rolled up dollar Chasing dimes just to catch a buzz Gotta stay loose to shake the rust Nobody said that it was easy And nobody said it weren't hard You may not be the joker But you’re at least the wild card Getting paid to sling that poison Turn the amps up and bring the boys in Keep the lights low so I can manage Use my condition to take advantage Nobody said that it was easy Nobody said it weren't hard If you want to reach the castle You’ve got to start out in the yard Break the branch where I be nesting Finish your chores and get your rest in Raise the flag and show your purpose Then ask the dead if it was worth it Nobody said that it was easy Nobody said it weren't hard You might light up like a candle Just to wind up in the dark


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released January 29, 2021

Tucker Riggleman - vocals, guitar, bass
M Tivis Clark - drums, percussion
Blake Cramer - vocals, bass
Jason Brown - vocals
Duane Lundy - keys, synth

Tracked and mixed by Duane Lundy at The Lexington Recording Company

Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering

Produced by Duane Lundy and The Cheap Dates

Artwork by Jordan Hudkins


all rights reserved



Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates West Virginia

"With 'Alive and Dying Fast', the band isn’t afraid to slow things down a bit in order to accentuate and compliment the real star of the show here — Riggleman’s evolved’s an emotional journey of an album, helmed by someone with the skill and depth to shade and color every single peak and valley."
— Rosy Overdrive
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