by Tucker Riggleman

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lo-fi shitty self-recorded demos


released December 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Tucker Riggleman Harrisonburg, Virginia

"Released on Twin Cousin Records, Burn Out Too Bright reveals a more vulnerable sound for Tucker with just him and his guitar on each track, and the songs offer a more private glimpse into his inner workings. He also plays guitar in hard rock trio RHIN and sings and plays guitar in indie rock group Bishops." - WV Living ... more

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Track Name: Aquarius
December 5th, I watched you sucked up in the sky
Remember this - no one blames you if you try
The world is on fire, but I'm a water-bearing sign
So I keep you covered, you know the heat's just in your mind

I told you I loved you
And you knew I meant it
But there were conditions
I never planned it

The first day of spring I launched an arrow in the clouds
To release the tension and see what the fuss is all about
I meant you no harm, yeah I was just fooling around
And eager to look up after a lifetime of staring down

And I told you I'm sorry
You didn't believe me
I should have paid attention
They say the truth will set you free

Now that summer is dying, I'm as low as I can be
With no suitable replacement, they're all water down and cheap
If your lips are sugar then I would kill for something sweet
But too much of a good thing will end in my defeat

You told me it's over
And I should learn from my mistakes
I keep barreling down the tracks
And baby I ain't got no breaks
Track Name: Telescope
It's never gonna happen if you schedule it
Deserve to be happy but no one gives a shit
"But I'm a survivor", that's what she said
I asked, "what war?" and she said "it's in my head"

You can make a necklace from piano wire
Become another lost voice in the empty choir

I know I'm gonna make it big someday
Make the right connections, maybe some radio play
But I'm a liar 'cuz it will never be
Ain't got a dollar, just a fucked up family

You can't tour the world in a busted mini-van
Just play your songs to yourself, record them when you can

You're waiting for a change, but you know it will never come
Keep stalling out while the engine hums
It's all a sales pitch and you fell for it
A case full of snake oil and an empty bed

You can run for years and never take a step
Make all the payments and remain in debt
You can't find yourself through a telescope
We're all just killing time until our book is wrote