F​/​NF Split w/ Sleep Talker

by Tucker Riggleman

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This is my half of a split cassette with Sleep Talker released on 12/21/16 by Funny / Not Funny Records.

You can purchase the cassette here: www.funnynotfunnyrecords.com/products/583054-pre-order-sleep-talker-tucker-riggleman-cs


released December 23, 2016

All songs written and performed by Tucker Riggleman except "Service Engine", which is originally written by John R. Miller

Recorded by Eric Shy at Hotel Appalachia in Harrisonburg, VA
Mixed & Mastered by Tucker Riggleman

Artwork by Elwood Madison



all rights reserved


Tucker Riggleman Harrisonburg, Virginia

"Released on Twin Cousin Records, Burn Out Too Bright reveals a more vulnerable sound for Tucker with just him and his guitar on each track, and the songs offer a more private glimpse into his inner workings. He also plays guitar in hard rock trio RHIN and sings and plays guitar in indie rock group Bishops." - WV Living ... more

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Track Name: Outrun
Ain't praying to no one
Yeah, I worship who I choose
And I've got all my faith to lose
We'll meet in the after life in time
I'm in no hurry to die

Ain't paying for nothing
I've got no fixed dollar amount
So watch me drain my bank account
And the checks they always bounce
With each new record announced

In love with nobody
Though several they have tried
To make themselves my bride
But there's something just not right
In my head when I sleep at night

Ain't going nowhere
Yeah, my wheels they spin in place
But the highway's sweet embrace
It eludes me in my sleep
Some dreams we can't afford to keep
Track Name: Telescope
It's never gonna happen if you schedule it
Deserve to be happy but no one gives a shit
"But I'm a survivor," that's what she said
I asked, "which war?", and she said "it's in my head"

You can make a necklace from piano wire
Become another lost voice in that empty choir

I know I'm gonna make it big someday
Make the right connections, maybe some radio play
But I'm a liar 'cuz it'll never be
Ain't got a dollar, just a fucked up family

You can't tour the world in a busted mini van
Just write your songs for yourself, record them when you can

Praying for change but you know it will never come
Just keep stalling out while the engine hums
It's all a sales pitch and you fell for it
A case full of snake oil and an empty bed

You can run for years and never take a step
Make all the payments and remain in debt
You can't find yourself through a telescope
We're all just killing time until our book is wrote
Track Name: Weekends
I said "the wind won't fly my plane today"
Just one more excuse to fuel my lie
And I know that you got it oh so tough
But would it kill you if you'd try?

You can still love me on the weekends
While I eulogize your favorite dive
And I know I'm not the one who hides
But it don't mean I hope you're not alright

I'm always waiting for your blessing
Though I am not sure why
Nine months of inseparation
Twenty-five to life
Now I'm always second-guessing
What I'm doing with my time
But at least my clocks are moving
At least I'm trying

I bet you probably deleted my number
So it won't hurt you when I call
Just pretend I'm a telemarketer
And it won't bother you at all

Now I'm on the winning side of dying
At least compared to where I've been
And I just wanted to apologize
Because I almost dragged you in
Track Name: Service Engine
Service engine light has been on so long
Burned out tonight, now I've gotta get a new bulb
I'm just looking for something to do
And I'm singing my soul to sleep with the parking lot blues

Got an attention span like the blink of an eye
Gotta get to my woman before she says goodbye, goodbye
I'm the rail car and she's just the track
And if I don't lay down for her she ain't coming back

You play the melody and I can keep time
You be the singer and I'll drink the wine
I'm just looking for someone to love me

I sold all my possessions but I keep getting more
Might as well live in an old junk store
What am I gonna do with them when I gotta go?
My heart is on pages and this life is my home
Track Name: Temporary
It's not something you hold in your hands
It's not gonna unfold as part of your plans
I was a ghost in your memory
Protect your soul, you can't save me

Sometimes you're the knife and sometimes the kidney
How many times can you replace me?

You watched it grow inside its cage
You feel it flow within your veins
I was a hole in your tapestry
Just let me go, you can't fix me

Sometimes you're the knife and sometimes the kidney
How many times can you replace me?
Sometimes you're the knife and sometimes the kidney
Just convince yourself this pain is temporary
Just convince yourself it's only temporary